Condo Tour Advantages From Queens Quay and Downtown Toronto to Canadian Mortgage Companies

Condo Tour Advantages From Queens Quay and Downtown Toronto to Canadian Mortgage Companies

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Every day, builders in the Greater Toronto Area add more and more new condos to the MLS Listings in Toronto. It's gotten to the point where prospective buyers couldn't possibly arrange viewings off all the properties that meet their needs, and prospective sellers are finding that their listings are being buried underneath an avalanche of similar properties. Hence the invention of the condo tour, where a realtor takes buyers on a tour of properties all over the city. Here are the advantages to buyers and sellers in taking part in a condo tour.


Chances are, if you live in Toronto, you have to spend a lot of your time working in order to afford the high living expenses. People with these high-demand jobs just don't have time to be driving all over the city every other day looking at lofts and condos. Toronto condo tours, then, are the perfect solution. In the space of one weekend afternoon, their realtor can take them to a dozen properties that meet their needs, and they don't even have to drive themselves.

Another advantage to signing up for a condo tour is that since there are a set number of properties on the list that are located in different parts of the city, it may introduce you to some condos for sale in Toronto that are in neighborhoods you hadn't considered. You may be surprised to find one you like that you otherwise would have passed over. You also have the advantage of assessing your competition face to face, as they will be on the tour with you.


The major advantage to sellers is, obviously, exposure. By allowing their property to be part of a tour of downtown Toronto condos, they'll have far more buyers in to view their property than they would if theirs was a normal listing. This increases the seller's chances exponentially of having their property come into contact with the right buyer who will be willing to make an offer.

The other major advantage to sellers of putting their property in a condo tour is that since all of the buyers will be clustered together and escorted around in groups, which can lead to competition and bidding wars among two interested buyers. Even someone who didn't think they wanted to be beholden to Canadian mortgage companies for that much can throw his hat in the ring when he senses others lurking around his prize.

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