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There is a lot to say about living in a big city. You get to find the most modern condos for sale anywhere in the country. There is a world of entertainment options at your fingertips. You can join any number of movements, from Democracy Now to MADD, and get your voice immediately heard. And of course there is the vibrant social life; if you are just moderately outgoing, there are enough residents in Toronto to keep you meeting new faces every night of your life, if you want to.

For many people, though, the main strength of a city like ours is the economy. That huge population base means that there is a need for services and products of all ranges, from high end and rare to affordable and common. In turn, there are jobs in every single sector. And the great news about Toronto is that you always have a chance of succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.
Let's start by talking about real estate jobs within the city. In many smaller cities and towns across the country, the real estate market is a really tough one to crack. Most locales have a surplus of agents, in fact. There are only so many houses to sell, and those usually fall within a very defined price range. Outside of that, there is not a lot to be divided up between new agents and even some of the older ones.

Toronto, though, is a whole new story. Sure, you may find the odd person working for Sutton realty who can't seem to make a go of it, but usually that is a sign of someone who is not putting in a lot of effort. Toronto agents have a lot of product to work with, and the range runs the full gamut of the spectrum.

Most Toronto agents decide that they are going to specialize in one area for their entire careers, and make a good living this way. For example, an agent might decide to strictly sell a new condo in Toronto to buyers instead of older models or stand alone houses. The condo market in the city is big enough to support this kind of career decision.

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If sale aren't your thing, you might want to take a look at the technology sector within this big city. Like most major centres across North America, Toronto's high tech sector is thriving, and is forecast to grow even bigger within the next decade. As we become more and more reliant on our computers to run our lives, there will be more positions for data encryption, search engine optimization, and programming than ever before.

Those are just two sectors in which Toronto residents can expect to find work. It truly is a city with a bright future, economically speaking!

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